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Do you wish you could write? Or you'd like to get back into writing? You've landed in the right place! I'm Kim Duke, your writing coach based in Canada. I help women start writing for the sheer joy of it!

Hi there! I'm kim. welcome to my blog!

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So you think your life is too ordinary to write about? Forget it. I love writing about all aspects of life and your own life is full of topics for unusual, fun and touching essays. I've written about everything from love to liver! I kid you not.

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Oh life, you can be a little trickster at times. You plant this desire in me to write. It brings my soul such joy! But you also plant the idea that I have to do other things too. Life tasks like keeping my husband, dog, garden, and, relationships alive. Listen. I have the best intentions. […]

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A few years ago, The New York Times ran a short story about a company that branded their dried potato dish: Funeral Potatoes. The name had caused a bit of a ruckus. People were offended by it. Shocked right down to their little tater tots. Because I guess we aren’t supposed to say the words […]

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One of my long-dead boyfriends, Vincent Van Gogh, said this about my favorite time of the year: As long as autumn lasts, I shall not have hands, canvas and colors enough to paint the beautiful things I see. Oh, Vincent – you nailed it. There’s so much happening in the Fall/Autumn that I have to […]

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We’ve been immersed in wickedly hot weather the past three weeks. Fry an egg on the pavement kind of heat. Some people love these long, steaming hot days. Not me. I enjoy the beauty of summer, but you can bring on Fall, thank you very much. I’m a woman with a big head of curly […]

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It has been blistering hot this past month. (Yes – even in Canada!) A few weeks ago, my husband and I were going to be out of town, so I asked my garden-loving parents to water my garden. This wasn’t a small request. They had to drive 30-minutes each way. But they quickly said YES […]

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At last! You have the time and quiet space to write and you sit down with a notebook and pen in a cozy spot. A cup of water/tea/coffee sits close by and you wait for the magical words to start flowing. The first few lines stumble onto the page and thennnnn….crickets. You scribble down a […]

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I can’t help it. And if you enjoy writing – you can’t help it either. Eavesdropping. While you wait in line at the grocery store, airport or concert – conversation swirls around you like pieces of paper in the wind . Some of it you block out and ignore. Other conversations? You just can’t stop […]

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