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Do you wish you could write? Or you'd like to get back into writing? You've landed in the right place! I'm Kim Duke, your writing coach based in Canada. I help women start writing for the sheer joy of it!

Hi there! I'm kim. welcome to my blog!

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So you think your life is too ordinary to write about? Forget it. I love writing about all aspects of life and your own life is full of topics for unusual, fun and touching essays. I've written about everything from love to liver! I kid you not.

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Today I want you to write in the wild. My childhood was spent in a peapod hamlet on the prairies. I was the kid with her nose in a book – maybe you can relate. The summers were long and my mom wouldn’t listen to me complain about being bored. “Go outside and get some […]

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During the short gardening season where I live in Canada, you’ll often find me outside. I enjoy gardening, although I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. Why do I love it? Writing is like gardening. You have to be willing to pull what isn’t working. And you only get better by getting […]

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This is a writing prompt that looks into your future. Don’t fret – you still only need to sit still for fifteen minutes or so. (And you also get to write about the type of senior you will be.) First, let’s look at the present day. This shouldn’t be too difficult for you. I want […]

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I love when children read their books to me. They admire the pictures, add their opinions, and point at what stands out on the page for them. If they stumble over a word – they either take a stab at it or ask for help. And then on one sad day, kids stop reading out […]

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Writing can be a real bugger. Sometimes you have no idea what you’d like to write about. You want your writing to be profound and meaningful but your brain only comes up with the sound of crickets. This is a writing prompt about a time you needed to loosen up. You?? Yes. You. I’m a […]

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I can’t help it. And if you enjoy writing – you can’t help it either. Eavesdropping. While you wait in line at the grocery store, airport or concert – conversation swirls around you like pieces of paper in the wind . Some of it you block out and ignore. Other conversations? You just can’t stop […]

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Scribbly writer Patricia Coulter's collection of Scribbly issues 1, 2 and 3.

Fall is full of opportunity. We have sunny afternoons and cool mornings and evenings, making it the best of both worlds. No longer will we have that hot sun, making our skin sting like a dodgeball hit. Everything starts to set a pause button. The garden slows down, the lawns are sitting dormant and the […]

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Canadian Scribbly writer Eira Braun-Labossiere holding her copy of Scribbly volume 1 in front of her face. Eyes peeking over the top.

“The thing about creativity is that people are going to laugh at it.  Get over it.”                                                                                […]

Follow along for more writing inspiration, quirky writing prompts and ideas to get your writing-butt-in-gear.


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