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This is an easy and short application and there’s no commitment if for some reason you change your mind after you press send. The commitment part starts when you make the non-refundable deposit of $1000 US. ($1000 CDN & GST if you’re from Canada.) Total program: $5997.00

Why do I get you to submit an application?  Due to high demand and limited spots - the short application helps me decide if I'm the right fit for your project. I notify you within 5 business days of receiving your application.

And if I don’t choose your application – it isn’t personal. It just means I’m not the best fit for your book idea or direction. We’re still friends!

Are your knees shaking a little? Breatheeeee.

OK – let’s get started!

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As you can see – I take your participation in A Book Of Her Own Program seriously. When I’m your writing coach I am committed to your success!

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There aren’t any guarantees or refunds from A Book Of Her Own Program

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Results from my previous and current clients may not be the same for you. It all comes down to your level of dedication, work and writing ability.

A Book Of Her Own program is within the 90 day period from our first call and there aren’t any extensions. If you want to invest in a 2nd round of coaching – you can certainly do so as you’ll be one of my valued clients.

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02. Why is it important for you to write your book? Please describe your book to me.

03. Please share what your plan will be to incorporate writing into your daily life.

A Book Of Her Own is a 3-month (90 day) program. You and I work closely together via 1-hour phone call coaching 2x per month (you can use your computer) and also weekly email coaching. You need to work on your book project 6-10 hours per week (depending on the size of your book. I advise my clients to create a book in the 100- page range.)

04. Have you started working on your book project already or you have an idea you’ve always wanted to explore?

05. Is there a reason why you have/ haven’t started working on your book concept?

06. Do you feel you’re a coachable person? Are you open to hearing feedback that you don’t want to hear? (I am fun to work with but I’m also frank.)

07. What was the last project (of any kind) that you launched and completed? (I don’t care what it is – ie/renos, took a course, started a garden.)

(is your heart racing a little?)

You did it!

Thank you for submitting your application to my A Book of Her Own Program.

Over the next few days, I’ll have a cup of coffee in my hand and your application in the other.

If I’m not the right fit for your book? I’ll tell you straight up.
And if I am the best fit? I’ll tell you that too.

Either way, you’ll hear back from me within 5 business days.

Big hugs for bravery!


— kim arnold, London, UK

"Kim has paid for herself many times over - she's the real deal!''

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